After the New Year celebration is over do you know what happens??? The next holiday gets ushered in overnight. Or at least it does in the USA. F’ing Valentine’s Day!! Or the anniversary of the day my husband changed his emotional affair to a physical one. He F’d the CW on their secret rendezvous! Guess who hates Valentine’s Day now??

The mine field of triggers are everywhere in stores. I give all the cards, candy hearts, goodies and decor I pass by my middle finger salutes. Some of my twitter pals have helped by joining in on the middle finger salute. I appreciate it so much too. With the help of others I’m trying to desensitize the horrid day with humor. #VDFU or #Ihatevalentinesday Feel free to join us.

Yes I’m so much stronger now, but the truth is it still hurts my heart and soul to see all the triggering reminders of that day. I’m reminded that our marriage and I meant nothing to him and all the pain him sleeping with her caused me. All the gaslighting he put me through before and after their time together. Plus the dreaded white T-shirt he brought home to me in his laundry from that trip with their secretions on it!

Traumatized to say the least!!

I know I will get through it. Somedays won’t be as pretty emotionally as others, but I will be okay. It just sucks you know.

Ugh so here’s to the next month of middle finger salutes and dealing with the emotions that come along with this period on time.

If you hate Valentine’s Day too just know you aren’t alone.

Living through infidelity 2020 now.



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