The Power Of Writing

The power of writing out feelings is amazing. I can’t believe how much blogging has helped me heal. Thank you again Newman for nudging me to start my blog.

I can’t believe how different I feel after writing my last blog The War Is Over…Scars Remain. This huge weight has lifted from me. My perspective has changed.

I needed to write out and acknowledge that the Infidelity War is over between us. Really let it sink in. I’m positive now that I was still carrying some of my weapons of war around with me daily still. Didn’t realize it. I’ve released them like a mic drop moment.

In my therapy session last week I talked about forgiveness again. How over the summer I thought I had gotten to the place of forgiveness with my husband but there was no “Ah-ha Moment” for me so I was confused. I sure got the Ah-ha moment I was hoping for with this acknowledgment.

I see and feel my husband differently now. Only I could make this happen. Hugging, touching and holding his hand feel more loving and free.

I have both feet now in the rebuilding stage of our marriage. Things aren’t perfect, but we are trying. Time will tell. It’s okay that things aren’t perfect. It doesn’t take away from the healing that’s happened.

I’m headed into a girls trip weekend feeling great. No extra emotional baggage coming with me this year. My personal belongings are heavy enough 😉.

If you aren’t journaling or blogging give it a try. It is a great healing tool.

Here’s to healing and moving forward!

There is life again after Infidelity!


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