Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

One of my Betrayed Wife truths is that:

When I’m annoyed by husband in my head I refer to him as Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.

When I’m frustrated by him falling asleep again on the sofa while we have some alone time I think to myself F You CCPE!

When he came to bed last night after waking up on the sofa I said to myself of great it’s CCPE coming to bed to snore!

When I’m triggered by my frustration with him in recovery and he smiles at me while I’m looking at him thinking CCPE. I smile back devilishly.

This is a new phrase that’s popped into my head over the past couple weeks. I don’t remember hearing it recently by anyone. Maybe it’s just because it’s pumpkin time again. I’ve moved on from AHole and Jerk.

I hope I don’t say this thought out loud to him. As much as it’s true it would be really hurtful. It’s been over two years since he cheated. He is doing a lot of things right in recovery. He’s trying in his way. It’s just what he’s not doing consistently is frustrating.

A bit childish maybe, but my brain has fixated on the nick name.

Anyone else have a nickname for their cheater/former cheater?


The Kitchen Chair

I laughed A LOT!

If you read my blog you know I was complaining during the COVID-19 shutdown that my husband took over our kitchen to work from home. I would tell him all the time to bring his desk chair into the kitchen. I could hear the kitchen chair screeching often the way he would move around in it. Day after day.

He has been back at his office since June. Many times over the summer he has had to put the rung of the chair back in place after a meal. On Saturday my husband said he needed to get wood glue to repair it. As he sat in it yesterday I warned him not too!

Well yesterday after lunch the chair broke while he was sitting in it!!!! I heard the noise and luckily saw the whole thing happen. I couldn’t stop laughing at him. He fell to the floor in it. The kitchen chair had the last laugh! KARMA!

As I helped him up off the floor I laughed. I laughed as he was surveying all the broken pieces. I laughed as I used the Dustbuster to vacuum up the debris. I laughed when I saw the chair at the curb for the trash. I’m giggling now while I’m writing this.

The chair saying FU to my husband was awesome!!!

I’m sort of jealous of what the chair was able to do. Dish out karma itself.

The laughter has been a great release even though it is probably immature of me. Oh well!