A Shift

I sent my husband this video blog by Affair Recovery about two weeks ago right before his birthday and he must of really listened to it.

His demeanor with me has changed. He’s taken down one of his defensive walls.

His birthday party went really well. He thanked me at least 5 times that day for all I did for him. It was really nice to be appreciated that much.

I’ve longed to be thanked this way for all I’ve done to restore our marriage and I think that’s part of what these thank you’s meant. Forehead kisses and all when I was busy being the hostess with mostess.

I did hit an emotionally and physically exhausted wall the next day after I finished cleaning up from the party.

He’s also gone back to working from his office. This has added to both of us being able to breathe a little easier. Funny thing at his office he’s doing what I suggested listening to music instead of nonstop news channels. When he told me this I did hit him with a pillow. Playfully cursed at him too. This has helped his demeanor also I believe.

I must be healed more than I thought because I’m not triggered at all when he kisses me goodbye in the morning anymore. I’m not counting and comparing how many times he contacts me during the day. Yesterday we snuggled for a long time after his alarm went off to the point he was late for work. He’s never late for work. Not that anyone is watching his arrival, but he’s a man of being on time or early. It was worth waking up early with him. The night before he left work early by his standard to swim with our youngest son and I.

Like always time and actions will tell.

I’m enjoying this shift in him, in myself and in us.


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